Smaller Company Strategy

We focus on high-quality business models and proven management teams for the companies we include in our portfolios. Our focus on quality businesses — in addition to strict adherence to our valuation discipline and careful portfolio construction — helps us achieve superior risk-adjusted returns and long-term capital growth for investors.

The Eagle Smaller Company Strategy team seeks to invest in high-quality small-/mid-cap companies at a discount to what it perceives as fair market value.

The team constructs portfolios that consist of stable, but growing, companies with the following attributes: management teams with a proven track record of successfully executing their business strategies; defensible business models; strong cash-flow generation; high returns on capital; strong balance sheets; and attractive valuations.

The team utilizes a consistent and repeatable investment process. The natural result of this disciplined strategy creates an attractive risk profile designed to reduce some of the volatility inherent in these asset classes.